Are You Facing a 62% Increase In Your Health Care Costs?

WCCO has just reported that if you live in Minnesota and have Preferred One health coverage through MNSURE, you face an average of a 62% increase in the cost of insurance for next year.

Preferred One is pulling out of the state’s health care exchange. Here’s what an NPR report is quoting:

PreferredOne spokesman Steve Peterson told KSTP that continuing to offer insurance through MNsure is “not administratively and financially sustainable.” FromĀ

How did this all come to be? Well, the Senator fromĀ Minnesota Al Franken was the last vote needed to pass Obamacare in the first place, but after that it was our Governor and 1%’er Mark Dayton who built the states exchange.

To the rest of the nation, I have to apologize for my state. But we are getting exactly what we voted for.

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